Summer Surprises (part I)

Summer vacation.

The planning, the anticipation, the joy when it finally arrives.

Family time. Great memories. Pictures that capture every emotion.

You post all the warm feels and favorite photos on Instagram and your heart swells that you did it. You managed to have a great trip, lots of love, and lots of pictures to prove it. You are excelling in parenthood. Well done, very well done.

Our family vacation was different this year.

The plans derailed some where around March—Yellowstone!! No not this year, we have waayyyyyy too many house renovations and not enough time to squeeze in an entire week or more that a trip there deserves, not to mention all the money going up in flames as I added more projects to the original reno list.

Ok, great. Something closer. Holiday World. All my friends rave about it. I will be able to say we’ve gone, the kids will love it. It fits our time and budget this year.

Ok, but yeah, no. That won’t work either. We are meeting with contractor after contractor for basement project with no real timeline yet of start/finish, getting flooring replaced on first floor and totally dismantled our entire living space. (My pantry is partially in the basement, the living room, and two of the kids bedrooms. Did anyone catch were my refrigerator was for half the summer? “Lord, help me know where the kids’ clean underwear is!” was my prayer for much of the summer.) We have had no idea when we should or should not be available for contractors. Ohhhhh, and that’s right, Luke, you do have those short work trips built in conveniently into the middle of the week twice this summer. Yes, that’s lovely. ehhhh hmm. Lovely.  

“Wait, what, sweet girl? You don’t want to go swimming today because we’ve done that 100 times to get away from the insanity of these house renovations and there’s so much we haven’t done for summer that we said we would, and we go swimming all the time.”

“I know, I know. You have been so good and patient with all the craziness this summer. We’ll still do something great. Wait, what?! There’s only two weeks left to summer?”

How in the hell did that happen? I haven’t had my perfectly planned Pinterest vacation and haven’t any Instagram worthy photos to prove we loved each other this summer and that I was a “good mom” for not only having the priority of a beautiful vacation for my family but perfectly executing every magical moment of it.

“Ok, sweet girl. Mommy is in the middle of something. Go make a list of what you still want to do this summer. Maybe, just maybe I can talk daddy into squeezing in a 2-3 day staycation before school starts.”

Legit. This has been my summer. One first world problem stacked on another, like the most glorious bowl of ice cream you’ve ever seen in the movies that if you eat it, you get a free t-shirt with a pig’s face on it. But instead of whipped cream and a cherry on top, my bowl of first world problems is topped with pregnancy hormones, and no one is walking away with a free t-shirt.

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